The idea of the "Snowball" Fundraiser was conceived out of the need to fund 2nd Story throughout the year.

It may seem like an odd name for a fund raiser, but Snowball was born just the same, and over the years has become one of the major fundraisers of the 2nd Story.  It has nurtured a long lasting cooperation between 2nd Story and the Minot Eagles Club.  The idea was enthusiastically welcomed by the Eagles Auxiliary and they have remained Snowball sponsors ever since.

What is Snowball?

The Snowball Fundraiser is truly a community project because of the many contributors and volunteers who donate many hours of time and dollars to its success.  Area Merchants and individuals in the community contribute valuable prizes ranging in dollar value of 50 cents to several hundred dollars.  These prizes are separated into three categories, "White Balls" (which guarantee you win a prize for each ticket); "Red Balls" (a chance to win one prize valued at $15 to several hundred dollars); "Raffle" (our infamous $200 cash bottle and various other prizes)

The Snowball Fundraiser is held the first Saturday in February, although volunteers actually begin as early as October to collect the nearly 5,000 items to be wrapped and categorized.  We at the 2nd Story consider this project a community affair because of its scope and popularity.  Check our monthly newsletter for updates regarding this exciting fundraiser!